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Source: SEBS Report Date: 02/2014
Summary Originator: David Cook

Instrument Mentor Monthly Summary Report for SEBS: 02/2014

1. Data Review:
The SEBS are co-located with every ECOR system in SGP, NSA, TWP, AMF1, and AMF2. The measurements include downwelling and upwelling solar and infrared radiation, net radiation, soil heat flow, soil temperature, soil moisture, wetness, and surface energy balance.

The measurements from the SEBS stations are contained in a 30 minute datastreams. The data is being ingested and is available from the ARM Archive. The 30 minute datastream contains half hour averages of most of the sensor measurements in engineering units, plus the energy balance components.

Data Quality Reports are not written for missing data or for situations when qc flags clearly show that the data is incorrect (this is true for most of the conditions listed below). DQRs are written for periods when data is incorrect, when the situation is not represented by qc flags in the data, and it’s not obvious that the data should have been flagged as incorrect.

Please see Section 6.3 Data Assessments by Site Scientist/Data Quality Office in the SEBS Handbook (at, under Common Conditions Reflecting Correct or Incorrect Data.

Common conditions that result in incorrect or missing data are:

a) The calculated surface energy balance, net radiation, and albedo may be incorrect when one of the measurements used in the calculation is incorrect. This most frequently happens when the upwelling or downwelling short wave radiation measurement(s) are very small negative at night.

b) Radiation measurements may be incorrect if the radiometer domes are affected by dew, frost, snow, ice, or rain drops, although this is expected to be minimized by the blower and heater incorporated into the instrument.

c) High wind speeds may cool the radiometer domes to the extent that the sensor body temperature may not accurately adjust for dome temperature.

d) Missing data periods occur at times; this may be caused by a site data system collection or communication problem. By the time you read this report, the data may have been filled in from manual or automatic re-collection of the data.

Data quality issues at individual sites follow:


E14: Data quality good.

E21: Data quality good.

E31: Data quality good.

E33: Data quality good.

E37: Data quality good.

E38: Data quality good.


E30 (East Arm): Data began 02/25 0000 UTC.

Soil temperatures are missing, soil heat flows are zero, and soil moistures are at their minimum value
throughout the month.

E31 (Beatrice Hill): No data available yet.

E32 (Berrimah Power Station): No data available yet.


E10 (Barrow): Data quality good.

E11 (Pt. Barrow): Removed for the winter.

AMF1: Data quality problems.

Data missing 02/01 1500 UTC - 02/02 1700 UTC.

Net radiation components missing 02/01 0000 UTC - 02/08 1930 UTC.

Upwelling long wave radiation large negative 02/25 1800 UTC - 02/27 2300 UTC,
02/28 0330-1300, 1600-2130 UTC. Surface energy balance incorrect during
these periods.

Soil heat flow 3 sign reversed all month.

AMF2: Not presently deployed.

2. Instrument Performance Issues and Trends:

3. Current Task Status:
Preparation of SEBS systems for Oliktok Point, AK and new SGP EF40 site.

4. Near-Term Plans:
Complete SEBS systems for new ARM site at Oliktok Point, AK and the new SGP EF40 site. A spare unit from SGP will be installed at SGP. The unit to be developed for Oliktok Point is being incorporated into the ECOR enclosure, as was done in NSA and TWP ECOR/SEBS systems.

5. Accomplishments:
SEBS system for Azores is ready to be shipped.

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